This Feeling

I’ve been pondering a lot lately, glancing at things that don’t even exist. I’ve been inspired from Taylor Swift. The way she enjoys writing songs and practices them over piano which made a strange feeling at a corner of my heart. A spotless corner which is not paid much attention to. I’m feeling dizzy not… More

A New Beginning, A New Chapter

It is 11 pm now but my wrist watch shows it’s just 7.30. It’s probably because its battery is dead but it feels like the watch is conveying me a message. a message for me to stop and begin again. Suppose you score 100 out of 100 in your Chemistry’s test. A rumor came out… More

Stories served on our plate

Who are we? What are we choosing to be? What do we want the world to see in us? Are you ready to show the people the story you choose If you are willing to keep everything transparent to the world then you are the bravest person ever known. Not all people are willing to… More

Losing The Fragments

This is the first time ever when I’m thinking of giving up. I’m being selfish because I want to be. I want to feel hatred, anger, anguish all flowing through my veins at the same time. I am running back and forth and I cannot figure out what to do. Anxiety has taken the wholeness… More

Weighing the good and bad days.

Bad days…..Who doesn’t have them? They are generally based upon our subconscious. Our mind decides it all if we are having a bad time. Sometimes we get deceived by our heart even in we are in pain. Few of the times we muster up courage to convince ourselves that whatever happened, it happened for good… More

Our misunderstanding

Everyone has different thought process. All the thoughts are good in one’s opinion and are viable. An opinion that is disliked by me is not necessary to be disliked by someone else. My thoughts can be contradictory to your thoughts. My ethical thoughts may result unethical to your subconscious. The reversed opinions creates a shallow… More

Warm cozy feeling

Some clothes never get old. They invite memories and gusto. Though you can never succeed to fit in the same size you just stand and stare until you fill your heart with nostalgia. They often turn back time and brings us back to where we began our journey as an innocent individual. The power of… More


I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in life. If I sum up all the deeds that I’ve done in my entire life then the righteousness in them will weigh way down. The bitter decisions have brought severe consequences that I still need enough time to heal the wounds I’ve caused. I cannot trace back… More

Lost Vol. II

Some pieces of us gets damaged that never recover at all. No matter how hard you try to retrieve it, how much effort you put in, you always find yourself going back to that damaged part of yours. I find myself getting back to that damaged corner of my heart which had never shown a… More

Unhiding hidden emotions

Promises are made to be broken. Statements are given and taken back but the power to reflect back on our deeds always invites guilt and doesn’t seem to back off. We are never who we say we are. We are always hiding behind our words and actions. Our present status compels us to lie about… More

Sticking Together

You can’t stop the futureYou can’t rewind the pastThe only way to learn the secret…is to press play. You can’t go back to how things were. How you thought they were. All you really have is…now.Many of us face problems and are not willing to share with anyone. We tend to hide them because hiding… More

Young blood

We are the show off generation. We hide more than we reveal while expressing. We are driven by the energy to make mountain out of a mole’s hill. We, the future’s valuable assets, live with a tag line of easier said than done. We mince matters that are irrational and harmful for one’s state of… More

Writer or not?

Can one incident of life seize the one and only gift of a writer? Can the flame of past activity put out the flame of writing? It has been long since I really sorted out what my subconscious mind has been dealing with. I can’t lie that I messed up or my life has become… More

Flawed Epiphany

You wake up just to realise your feet don’t stand firm on the ground You check on your family just to find them crying their heart out over your body Realisation hits you like lightning hits the trees Turning it into ashes and no sight to enjoy indeed. You were busy planning other things when… More

Woman or no-one

I am on the outside always looking in. Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?  Will I ever fly in the sky where I had always dreamed to go or will I always have my feet tied to stone? Will I be able to go back to where it all started and mend that… More

Working Things Out

When you’re in a relationship with a person as a friend, as a partner or as a sibling, you build it on mutual understanding keeping all their flaws and insecurities in mind. Your every step with them must be monitored whether or not it will backfire against them. It’s not a move that you calculate… More