Mr. I know it all

You choose to be selfish you see. You govern us every time but you never get satisfied with it. You care about your own damn life for you never considered us a family. “We have always been a headache of yours” this is what you like to put everytime when you say you care about… More


I am on the outside always looking in Will I ever be more than I’ve always been. I find myself repeating this phrase time and again Because I don’t have faith in me to let go of few old things that are dread. I keep on pondering whether the worldly pleasures are even meant to… More

A letter to the moon

I gaze at you in amazement when you are surrounded by shiny stars at night and wonder if you look at me with the same glitter in your eyes in midst of all the city lights. Do the old towns sparkle with enough intensity to make you smile and hope about beautiful beginnings like I… More

Woman or no-one

I am on the outside always looking in. Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?  Will I ever fly in the sky where I had always dreamed to go or will I always have my feet tied to stone? Will I be able to go back to where it all started and mend that piece of my life which was broken or  Will I have to compromise in every step of my life just because I am a woman?  It has not… More

Flawed Epiphany

You wake up just to realise your feet don’t stand firm on the ground You check on your family just to find them crying their heart out over your body Realisation hits you like lightning hits the trees Turning it into ashes and no sight to enjoy indeed. You were busy planning other things when… More

Scars of friendship

I wait just like the same old days for my friends to reach out and predict the grey skies above my head. Spent my time loitering around looking for new friends but my path led me back to the same old road instead They lead me to you but when we’re together I feel I… More

Letters from Revolutionary Road

Dear April, We can never imagine the amount of grief you had to bear. Especially as a housewife, the stipulation to live life in mediocrity and never get to become anything more. Not getting to do what you want; unable to grab the freedom to choose the things you love. Dear Frank,  Could you not… More

Realisation of midnight

I got too engulfed in my world that I forgot what is out there. I set my boundaries and limited myself to socialise with people. Maybe just because I didn’t want people to bother with my problems. But I have drifted apart from everything I can think of. Evergreen was my life and I can’t… More

Tireless Dream

Open eyes, restless night, heavy heart. There are small dreams in burdened minds that dare to grow. There is insanity in everyone. A ray of sunlight in dark rooms ignites hope and leaves. A smell of dampness reminds us that there is nothing more we yearn for. Dreams, sunlight, smell. There is madness in everyone.… More