Flawed Epiphany

You wake up just to realise your feet don’t stand firm on the ground

You check on your family just to find them crying their heart out over your body

Realisation hits you like lightning hits the trees

Turning it into ashes and no sight to enjoy indeed.

You were busy planning other things when your fate hits you

Stealing everything that you called yours even the matter that your body called home

Maybe you are stuck in this purgatory to pay for your sins 

This is the first time you wonder about the kind of life you had and the person you had been.

Were you a total vain to cause such infuriating pain to the people you were acquainted with?

But who is to be blamed for this grievance because you no longer belong to this earth.

You stand on a pavement wondering where it all went wrong and when all tables turned.

The job and the power that you ran after appears vague when you replay your narrative from this dimension

You are hopelessly desperate to set a footnote in your biography-

Wanting people to point fingers at your life and prevent them from being ruthless figure as you.

There’s no way out from this realm of guilt and shame

So you fear of getting seized into a black hole for your felonies in your cremation bed

An ungrateful creature of the earth never brave enough to give back any of the fortunes you picked up

Repenting in vain-you expect the soil to dissolve all your misdeeds including your bone marrow

Because you still think all this is what you finally deserve 

What a pity! It is a delusion you misguided yourself for.


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