Working Things Out

When you’re in a relationship with a person as a friend, as a partner or as a sibling, you build it on mutual understanding keeping all their flaws and insecurities in mind. Your every step with them must be monitored whether or not it will backfire against them. It’s not a move that you calculate nor something that you have to decide using statistics. It all happens from the heart. Even before your mind can reciprocate it, your heart enacts with enough wisdom to not hurt them and to not transform mutual into misunderstanding. 

When a relationship is based on doubts, you must act with patience and sort it out with the person through conversation. Lack of interaction deepens the potholes of doubts, the more deeper it gets, the more difficult it becomes to cover it up. I know from my own experience, it is difficult to create atmosphere to sort things out with interaction for you never have the slightest clue about what to begin with. But never ever try procrastinating it. The bubble of doubts keep building up if it doesn’t get a proper dismissal. Next time when you encounter a situation like this, the bubble will work as a perfect ally to recall previous pattern inch by inch. This will lead you to enter a more difficult space where talking things through will get severe. It is never too late to sort things out with simple conversation. Don’t let your ego consume you if you have to be the first person to approach. Don’t even try counting if you are the only one always trying to mend things first because this will make the other person feel insecure and inferior. 

Just think about why you want things to be healthy between both of you. Commemorate the bittersweet memories with them. Think of all the happiness both of you invite when you are together. Are the memories of the relationship worth it of all the bickering and doubts, if not then what are you gawking about? Talk to them already! It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, what matters is you trying to save what’s yours. Don’t expect them to vent at first attempt for they won’t confide in you before you create the atmosphere to the level of their comfort zone. Let them lower their boundaries and then talk things through and work on the areas both of you lag behind. If they provide you with no opportunities then get creative with your approaching method. You’ll never know what’s the best for both of you until you try it. 

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