Goosebumps in the rain

The pitter patter of the rain sparkling in the gloomy sun with a splashing rainbow above me, we were trotting together in the alley. He asked me if I would dance with him and I gladly accepted his hand. Just like summer romance, our love was as radiant as the rainbow. I could barely look him in the eyes for I was shy and the drizzle was winning the battle against my eyelashes. He took me in his arms for the first time but it felt like he’d done it a million times before. His breath was tinkling near my neck just when I felt our clandestine meeting had turned out to be the best day of my life. The magnetic force of his presence was drawing me close to him, close enough for our lips to meet but just then the lighting struck leaving goosebumps on my skin and ruining my moment.

Back then I was living for the hope of feeling it all. I have nothing to remind me of that place yet the memory never faded away.

F. S.

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