A letter to the moon

I gaze at you in amazement when you are surrounded by shiny stars at night and wonder if you look at me with the same glitter in your eyes in midst of all the city lights.
Do the old towns sparkle with enough intensity to make you smile and hope about beautiful beginnings like I do with my eyes?
Do you break into tears or do you let those innocent lights kiss your skin with joy in oblivion night?
To what do I owe you the pleasure for listening to my wishes in silence? Along with the magical insects following the majors and minors of your violin.
Is my smile that you seek or do you intend to dance in your rhythm with me?
Your integrity and patience is high. You paint dreamscapes in the sky while I chat cluelessly with you, it’s like I am wasting your honour.
Ma belle, the one giving me hope, do you ever feel hopeless at night. Is that why you hide during downpours and when there are clouds covering the sky?
You are amongst one of the most beautiful being from whom I learnt to love but always from a distance.
Have you ever had the same gesture for someone to whom you couldn’t reach and felt loving them wouldn’t have been the same if they were near.
You have taught me to steal smile from small moments in my life, for you do the same every night when you shine from burrowed light with pride.
I always find you staring at me when I glance up. Tears stream down my face when you say you’ll never let me go even when all my shadows will kill my light.
I am not much loyal to you as you are to me when you show up every night and I don’t but when I do, there will wind on my hair, I’ll remember every night with you all too well.

F. S.

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