Getting tied in attachments

Can we love someone without getting attached? Like friends with benefits or like the movie No strings attached. When you love someone, you dedicate a part of your heart for them,even if it is a tiniest part, it’s still for them. So, can you choose to lose that part of yours? Or you can replace that part with something else when you fall in love with something else instead of the former one? When you say you love someone you love them solely for who they are and what they are. You can either love them as a person or fall in love with their trait because that love is the thread which ties you to them. Attachments grow because of love. Attachments can also rise from fondness or friendship.

When I say I am attached to music, I basically mean I love it because a part of me holds onto it wherever I go. If you love someone and still not feel attached to them then it means you actually haven’t fallen in love with them. You are just fond of their company and are just going with the flow until it gets replaced by something more fascinating.

Loving a person doesn’t always necessarily mean you plan your future with them. You love them just at the moment. You love them so that you can be with them and hold onto them. You love them as your support. Attachment with the people you love also grows out of fear. The fear to lose them. The fear of not getting to savour every moment with them. Sometimes circumstances come into your life when you love a person and still have to let them go. Being able to let them go doesn’t point out that you aren’t attached to them, you still are because you have spent your particular time period with them which becomes too difficult to forget and too impossible to undo. You love that time period even if it was momentary. You may even move on and find someone else likable and get attached to them but that part of your life which you spent with them, the person which you were at that moment with them will never fade away with the advancement of someone else. The memories won’t vanish into thin air because you held onto every moment with them and that is why you are still attached to it. With progressing time you may release that person from your thread of attachments but the memories always bring them back and they somehow become a part of your life.

When you don’t get attached to somebody and still fall in love with them then it means you cannot quite comprehend what loving that person feels like (Just for instance when you are in love with a person then spending time with them makes your heart do a bakflip). Because you are never caught up in the gesture to hold onto them in your life. You gave them place in your heart with a tag of replaceable member in the first place before allowing them to enter in your life. If you still claim that you love them and are still not attached to them then trust me, you don’t love them you just adore them because you find spending time with them as fascinating as wearing a new dress.

PS. If you find them just fascinating for a moment then you aren’t supposed to use the term love. Love is too underrated to be taken granted

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