The diverged path

Every thing feels so weird now. Any content that pops up in the television associating a family feels like a cringe content to watch together. It’s I and you that makes we, that joins pieces of people’s heart into one part. Everyone is completely hollow even though having complete wholeness individually. With every road that we take leaves behind destruction. As we continue to trode, the path that follows gets diverged into different turns so that when we turn back to get into the starting point, we will find ourselves into an unsolved maze. Each one of us are in a journey together but all alone in different roads. We can see each other walking but cannot feel each other’s pain. Betrayed by our legs, our innocent hearts are wandering and are desperate to return home.

The way things have taken turn have left us bewildered about how we ended up there. Everyone gets a second opportunity to learn from their mistake and reverse the mistakes by setting everything right as their penance. Not only twice, we received the opportunity to undo the blunders four or five times. We never realised that every time we tried fixing we were fixing it as a mistake but we never saw it as an opportunity to accept our flaws, to fill the gaps of misapprehension and miscommunication. We failed to recon that accepting a person for their mistakes and flaws is more important than fixing the mistake in the person time and again. Either everyone is guilty or everyone is innocent for these days of dread and nights of nightmare. The question that lies is can a person be both guilty and innocent at the same time? Playing the cards according to one’s way is easy for distributing tags of blames on others but holding the tag of blame is quite difficult. However, it is not about the blame game for finding the culprit, it is about resolving the situation in best way possible. At this point of life we have no idea whether it was our fate or our actions that led us to nowhere in present. Our minds are still weak enough to accept the bitter truth and are wandering in fascinating illusion of vacation. Perhaps the sunshine of truth has been hidden amidst the dark clouds of falsehood. The only possible resolution that we found altogether was to go separate ways. We still haven’t got away from each other but we are unaware of the consequences that the separate path will invite. United we stand divided we fall. Will each of us be able to bear individually the pain of getting scattered from we to you and I?

F. S.

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