Extremity of despondency

They say that start your day with positivity, good thoughts and feelings so that your day will glow as bright as the sun. They tell you to think before you speak but never give you the suggestions about what to speak and how to react in an extreme condition. Only if there was a way to measure the authenticity of a deed or loyalty of words or vagueness of one’s statement, quarrel and fights could be prevented and solved to a greater extinct. I have heard that people never change. They just become more of who they are. If this is true then how can we believe a tormentor when he says that he regrets whatever he has caused, feels guilty about his deeds and is ready to transform into a good human being.How many dates shall I remember? How many days shall I reward names as black days? How many tears shall I shed until the hurricane stops? Why do I always have to question my destiny and circumstances? Why do my days begin and end with curses?They have been living together since 21 and half years. Since day 1 they have lived under the same roof but have never been together. Everything was being tolerated until two years ago on 3rd March, 2018 at around 8.45 am when he hit her and for the first time I had to step in. Since two years we as beads are hanging on a rope named hope. The hope of setting everything peaceful, joyous and healthy. But today’s condition dims all the hope and the rope on which we are handing is on the verge to break apart. But on which side of the rope will the beads transfer to? It’s impossible for a bead to be on both the sides of the rope at same time with accuracy just like huygenberg uncertainty principle. The above stated both persons are exactly like two poles of a bar magnet which will never be together but it will still support its branch. We are always willing to compromise but compromising doesn’t begin from one side. Both persons are supposed to begin the initiation. I see no miracle on it’s way to stop the devastation and create everything normal just like other people’ normal lives. I don’t want a situation to be created where few members are in touch with one another and few are always apart. A family will never be complete until and unless all members have equal respect for one another and treat every single one of them equally.

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