Lost Vol. II

Some pieces of us gets damaged that never recover at all. No matter how hard you try to retrieve it, how much effort you put in, you always find yourself going back to that damaged part of yours. I find myself getting back to that damaged corner of my heart which had never shown a sign of healing. That part always trembles like an earthquake. That part makes me feel every minute last like an hour slowly taking away my will to blossom in life. One tiny incident is enough to occur around me in order to make me remember all the events of my past days. People expect others to follow the rules made by them but do not realise the need of following the rule themselves first. How are we supposed expect people to abide by principle made by the society when we don’t follow them ourselves. How are we supposed to stand unitedly when we divide people into them and us. When a tormented people feels motivated then he takes a vow to be the example of change in the world, to be the fresh new wind of transformation. But the circle of life takes them back to the place where they had been suffering and leaves them to the place where they had started. Will the change ever be faced by someone in the world? Will there be a pure delight wind of comfort? Will the tormented pass away with old faith to be the change people had wished to see them in? I don’t want to feel shattered, I want a ray of hope to spread across the damaged pieces of heart. I play and replay all the old incidents, over think about all the situations that my life had been through. I don’t find a way to hide them. Not in a single way I wish my future to be guided by my past happenings. I want to create a refreshing start. I don’t want to delete the past events as those memories will be with me wherever I will go for my entire life. The book that I will hold about my life will be full of those memories unwilling to let go of my mind.

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