Our misunderstanding

Everyone has different thought process. All the thoughts are good in one’s opinion and are viable. An opinion that is disliked by me is not necessary to be disliked by someone else. My thoughts can be contradictory to your thoughts. My ethical thoughts may result unethical to your subconscious. The reversed opinions creates a shallow in between two parties relation. Both the parties will stick to their own instincts. When there’s no third party involved then the differences are ought to be resolved by the two individuals involved. When there’s no sign of interest in resolving an existing dispute then there establishes misinterpretation and misunderstandings. Thus the established misunderstanding creates a communication gap between the two of them. A time when they enjoyed having a conversation becomes replaced by the time they hate having a conversation. For a point of time they suppose that they did the right thing by choosing to dislike each other but at a certain time regret and guilt takes over the ego wishing that they had not said the bitter things. I regret them. I don’t look forward for the person to come over and act like nothing has happened before but I would like to make it upto that person. Sometimes friendships end because non of the party wish to put down their ego and stop blaming one another. Friends are supposed to appreciate each other’s flaws, aren’t they? The meaner things uttered from each other’s mouth do not conceal the better qualities of the person. I don’t expect a recovery from it but just hope that next time when I meet that person, s/he won’t ignore or hate me for how I acted that particular day.

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