Mr. I know it all

You choose to be selfish you see.

You govern us every time but you never get satisfied with it.

You care about your own damn life for you never considered us a family.

“We have always been a headache of yours” this is what you like to put everytime when you say you care about us but not enough to give a damn about how we feel.

The ego in your veins has eaten everything inside you, once you set your mind to go you never turn back at us.

You are happy in your own world with the arrogance of ‘I know it all’ but know nothing about how ideal you could be to me.

I ponder if I weren’t to be related to you by blood then who would I refer to you as. I wouldn’t even hate you even then for I would have to manage a corner in my heart even to place your hatred.

Every daughter in this world finds her daddy ideal and elite but I find you shallow and dampless from inside for I always knew you never considered us a family.

What an example you’ve set to us by cursing that we will never be successful in our life. But I promise I will prove you wrong someday on my own and live a life that was always meant to be mine.

You act as if you really care for our education but what will I do of this education if I turn out to be immoral like you.

You never knew that there was a world for us behind your back for you always looked down upon us and you never happened to fit in our family cup.

You are a roller-coaster ride for a person but at the end of the ride you scare the life out of them that they never think of going back again.

The day when I become independent I still promise I will never look down on you as you do but I won’t still accept you as a human.

The day you realise that you can always create a room for improvement, learn to look back on your deeds and accept even a single mishap you’ve caused then I vow everything will be forgiven.

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