Stories served on our plate

Who are we? What are we choosing to be? What do we want the world to see in us? Are you ready to show the people the story you choose

If you are willing to keep everything transparent to the world then you are the bravest person ever known. Not all people are willing to share what has been placed in their plate or what their heart has caught. There are people like me afraid even to decide their page of story. The people like me who know exactly how to fake a smile. The pain that catches them makes them hypocrite but who are to blame for their hypocrisy? Should we blame the circumstances or should we blame the people who put them through this unbearable pain? Maybe we should stop the blame game and make sacrifices and become a saint and make compromises in every situation we are put into. Despite the fact that life is not made out of compromises, we make our life miserable by choosing to compromise. By compromises I don’t mean that we don’t get to eat or sleep but what I mean is we let sufferings and pain have vengeance on our happiness.

Words are really powerful to murder our feelings. It destroys everything at an instant. We are witty enough to judge the words served in our plate but we aren’t witty enough to judge them precisely. We rather let the words hurt our emotions and finally we choose to hide our story. People often tend to tell us few things that are not meant to be told and that is absolutely not their fault because they are not rational enough to choose their words. The era in which we have stepped into does not make people ponder before they speak. We listeners on the other hand are baffled by their words and choose to embrace pain. Very few of us have the guts to stand against those words and create a havoc. There are even cases where we prefer to remain silent for we don’t want to create a scene and life demands us to stay hushed because one word as a backfire from our mouth could end up everything and create a disaster. It is still us the listeners at the end of the day to reciprocate at the words. We don’t have to prove the world that we chose to fight against those words rather we have to prove it to our subconscious that we are still worthy enough to accept things in our plate and finally reveal our part of story with full confidence, that we dared to live in that story. The story of our life!

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