The Old Circus

How could I be so blind sided. What have I been so busy in, what the heck was I involved in? Every moment I feel that something’s really calm and the calmness is non other than his patience. The vague patience that he had been holding up increasing the bar of his rage had burst today. I had been so caught up with my part of story that I forgot to look back where I truly belong from. My family’s true standard. In just a blink of an eye, he made me feel that dark side of my life and left out a vivid imagination of how dark could my life be. How miserable I am and pitiful this situation is that I can do nothing about it. My family has no festivals, no rituals that we three members would cheer about not even the new year. I know I will get a lot of wishes but non of them would be from a genuine heart. All the wishes would be like a show piece of the day. I cannot wish for anything new in my life as long as we three are together. As I mentioned earlier about ‘Making a wish and it will come true.’ With the same instincts I make a wish this
31st December hoping and just hoping….

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